Thursday Workout of the Day

Thursday – June 15, 2017 – 170615

Context: Practice

Skill Practice Warm Up: None 

Strength: 6 x 3 Push Jerk or Split Jerk – 6 of 13 (6 sets of 3 reps, same weight across, approximately 75 – 85% of max jerk). Video Here.

Super Set: 6 x 5 Dumbbell Split Squat (6 sets of 5 reps, “across,” scale to the same challenge as the main lift). Video Here.

Metabolic Conditioning: “Harpoon’s Kiss”

           8 min – max rounds

Rope climb (Health: 6 lay downs or 10 rope assisted pull ups, Athletic: 2 reps*, Performance: 3 reps)

then max rounds with the remaining time:

5 knees-to-elbows

15 American kettlebell swings (Performance: 53lb / Athletic: 35lb* / Health: 26lb)

10 goblet squats (same)

*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: 3 – 6 rounds, about 60s for the rope climbs, then 1:30 per round.

Compare to: NEW WORKOUT!

Coaching Tips: Get through the rope climbs as fast as possible, even if it will affect your first round of knees to elbows. The grip will be fatigued, so be prepared to break up the first round of kb swings. Watch out for a hyper extended lumbar on the kb swings! We want to make sure that the back stays flat on both the bottom and the top of the swing. Keep the chest up on the goblet squats to save the low back!

Optional ‘Cash Out’: 20 wall ball, 200m run, 5 min

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