Ben Sawkins

Ben Sawkins

Ben Sawkins

My Crossfit story begins back in 2008 with Brad and Kim putting me through my paces on a short three round workout that took me in excess of 20 minutes. I had walked into the gym thinking I was reasonably strong and fit. I was humbled but also inspired and although it took me a little bit of time, I started doing more and more Crossfit WOD’s. Frustration set in towards the end of 2009 in that I couldn’t do all of the movements Rx and was not making strides in terms of strength, and so in March 2010, I finally sought out Brad and Kim’s expertise and began working out at CFNF. My only regret in Crossfit is that I didn’t reach this point sooner. I’ve been at CFNF for almost two years and have enjoyed every single day of it from my first workout involving medicine ball cleans, double-unders and pistols, to the first time I attended weightlifting class, to my first competition in August 2010 to today and back-squatting a new PR of 360lbs.

Brad, Kim and the CFNF coaching staff invested in me personally, as they do all members, with continued time, support and encouragement, but they have also provided me much more:

  • CFNF is a home away from home for me because of the friendly nurturing environment, that’s why I spend so much time there!
  • I’ve made a ton of new friends, get to work out on a daily basis with a lot of terrific people, have learned new things and have grown as an athlete and a person.
  • Within the confines of CFNF, I get to be the person and athlete I want to be without anyone trying to hold me back, change me or tell me I can’t do something.
  • Perhaps most importantly, the core values I hold dear, hard work, integrity, self-reliance and community are values Brad, Kim and CFNF promote and this is why it is the perfect fit for me.

I came to CFNF with lofty goals in mind, whenever I have doubted myself, Brad and Kim and the CFNF community have set me back on a positive path and here I am today doing things strength wise I never thought I would be able to. As I analyze my life since joining CFNF, the biggest compliment I can pay to Brad and Kim is that I am the best I have ever been and I continue to get better and not just as an athlete.

Special thanks to Brad and Kim for all that they have done for me personally since 2008 and to the CFNF community for making me always feel welcome and a part of things.


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