Allison Strine

At the age of 52, needing desperately to change the way I felt about my body and my soul, I started at Cross Fit North Fulton in February, 2012. Taking that first step into the box was intimidating – wouldn’t they all think I was awful, being so out of shape? I couldn’t even do the warm up portion of the WOD, never mind doing the actual workout. I didn’t have the strength to do one correct squat, or string two jump rope jumps together. With her positive, calm and “you can do it” demeanor, Kim refused to let me get down on myself. “Welcome to your heart rate,” she said. Sore and battered, I somehow felt encouraged to continue trying.


As the days and weeks went on, I was made to feel welcome at Crossfit North Fulton. Everyone who does Crossfit, from the elite athlete to the 70 year old newbie, understands how tough it is just to complete a WOD. Whether you’re attempting your 100th pullup or your first, at CFNF the whole group is encouraging you to succeed. Because Kim and Brad have made a conscious decision to foster a feeling of being part of a team. At one workout there was a new person, and Kim offered us a choice of introducing ourselves or doing burpees. Now, that’s motivation!


Brad has worked with me twice a week since I started, instructing me on proper form and technique for weightlifting. With his extensive experience and knowledge, I feel safe taking risks and pushing myself harder than I’d have ever thought possible. Because of the emphasis of correct form and technique, I’ve had no injuries.


After only three months at CFNF, I feel better about myself than ever before. I’m proud to say I’ve strung a hundred jump rope jumps together, and you better believe my squat form is correct now. Next stop, double unders!

Results at CrossFit North Fulton



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