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CFNF is considered one the original and most experienced affiliates in Georgia having been the 4th CrossFit Affiliate to open in the state. CFNF affiliated in August 2007 originally in Alpharetta, GA, then relocated to our Roswell location in Janurary 2008. Brad & Kim both were trainers in the fitness industry for over 13 years before finding CrossFit. We knew without a doubt that CrossFit is the best fitness program on the planet. Our coaches constantly strive to educate themselves so that we can share our passion with others. We have a well rounded staff specializing in Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Kids, OPT Program Design, Starting Strength, Gymnastics & Mobility. We have 6 USAW Coaches and 2 Starting Strength Coaches & 1 CrossFit Kids Coach. CrossFit North Fulton is unlike any commercial gym you have ever seen. You won’t find equipment, mirrors or TV’s. Our members are here to work and we are committed to providing the best and most effective workout. They have worked with many different populations from Lacrosse/Football teams to senior citizens. As a member at CrossFit North Fulton you will always have expert coaches on hand to help, direct and motivate you. . CFNF is the home of CrossFit Games competitor, Diane McKinney , State Weightlifting Champ, Blake Kaplan and Kim Trego, Master’s National Champion. CrossFit North Fulton was voted best trainers in Alpharetta, Milton and Roswell. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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Brad Trego, owner/coach


Brad Trego is a USAW Sports Performance Coach, CrossFit Weightlifting Course Staff, tested Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer, CrossFit Football Certified Coach, Mark Rippetoe Starting Strength Coach, AFAA Certified trainer and Perform Better Certified trainer. Brad is a former PGA golf professional and is a certified Golf Conditioning Specialist. Brad has a BS in Sport Management and over 12 years experience as a trainer. Brad works with NBA and NFL players off season to improve their conditioning and agility. Brad also volunteers with the Alpharetta Police Dept teaching Rape Prevention classes. Brad was voted Best Trainer 2010 by Appen Newspaper readers for North Fulton County, including Roswell, Alpharetta and Milton. Brad placed 1st in his weight class at the War Eagle Open 2011 Olympic Weightlifting meet. Brad placed 2nd in the 2001 Super Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition and has five years experience in multi-sport biathlon and triathlon.

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Kim Trego, owner/coach

Kim Cantrell Trego is a Head Regional Coach for CrossFit Weightlifting.  USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach,  Tested Level 1 CrossFit Certified Trainer , CrossFit certified Olympic Lifting Coach and has completed the OPT Assessment & Program Design module.  . Kim is also AFAA certified, Spin Certified, BodyPump certified, Pre/Post Natal certified, Stretch certified, Core Stability certified and Perform Better certified. Kim has an AS in Applied Science with 18 years coaching experience. Kim placed 22nd in the 2016 CrossFit Games MQ and 9th in the 2016 Granite Games.  Kim placed 1st in the Halloween Throwdown in 2012 in her division and 1st in “These go to 11” in her division. Kim is the National Master’s Weightlifting 2011 Champion for her weight class. Kim took 1st Place in her weight class in the Flowery Branch Olympic Weightlifting Open in 2010 and 2011 and the War Eagle Open in 2011. Kim currently holds the all time record for the Snatch and Clean and Jerk for her weight class with Team Georgia Weightlifting. Kim was voted the top trainer 2010 along with Brad Trego in North Fulton County including Roswell, Alpharetta and Milton by Appen Newspaper readers. Kim was voted in the top ten trainers in Atlanta in Jezebel Magazine and has been a Fit article contributor for Jezebel Magazine. Kim placed 1st in her class for the Ms. Georgia SNBF bodybuilding Competition and 2ndfor Ms. Atlanta. Kim was voted Best Female Athlete in 1999 for the Bodybuilding Division for Atlanta Sports and Fitness Magazine and Best Female Athlete for SNBF in 1999.


Email: kim@crossfitnorthfulton.com

Christy Butch, coach 296451_2364787954420_1092013284_2798701_1230248530_n
Christy Butch aka Pebbles is a USAW Sports Performance Coach, Level 1 CrossFit Certified Trainer, CrossFit Kids Certified Trainer, CrossFit Olympic Certified Trainer, is CrossFit Nutrition Certified, and a certified Mark Rippetoe Strength Coach. Christy has placed 2nd in her division in the 2011 National Master’s Weightlifting Meet and 1st in her weight class in the War Eagle Open 2011 Olympic Weightlifting meet. She has a history in bodybuilding including the title of 1st place in the Ms. South Carolina Bodybuilding Championship in her weight class and 3rd place in the Eastern Seaboard Classic here in Atlanta and was awarded the title of best poser of the Seaboard Classic. Christy trained people at a sports gym in college and taught group instruction for many years. Christy was introduced to CrossFit by Brad and Kim Trego after being out of the fitness industry for quite a while. “CrossFit was what brought me back to the addiction of fitness.” Christy’s motto is “Be strong. Live Long” Christy’s clients see great results which keep them coming back to the gym on a daily basis. Christy runs CrossFit Kids North Fulton and really enjoys working with kids and teens making them better at sports and better at life.

Christy Butch is the mother of two boys and she and her husband are the Co-Founders of Maximum Potential Kids, an organization that teaches people how to work with children with autism.www.maximumpotentialkids.com

Email me at christybutch1@me.com or visit her nutrition blog at Giving Up Grains

Stacy Hartman, coach


Stacy Hartman graduated from Kennesaw State University with BS in Exercise Science. She is a Level 1 CrossFit Certified Trainer, ACE and ISAA certified personal trainer, andUSA Roller Sports Certified Inline speedskating coach. She was a nationally ranked elite inline speedskater for over 15 years with multiple national titles and records to her name. Stacy has over 6 years experience coaching and training elite, professional, and Olympic speedskaters; and over 2 years experience as a personal trainer. Stacy placed first in her weight class at the Flowery Branch Open 2011 Olympic Weightlifting meet. She believes that everyone can be pushed to and beyond their limits, you just need the right coach to get you there.

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Cell Phone: 678-296-0780





Lajuana and Crista kicked some booty at the Garage Games Girls event this weekend.

Coach Lajuana Caldwell.

Coach Lajuana Caldwell – Email Lajuana

I became a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach in 2002. It’s my passion to help people realize that being healthy, strong and fit is attainable for anyone who wants it. Through the years I have been able to see many transform their health and lives. I love that Crossfit incorporates different modules of training and is the most constantly challenging way to fitness I have experienced. I most look forward to bringing Crossfit to the younger generation. They have so much potential. I feel getting them to experience the gains of strength and fitness can have a positive impact in their lives from an early age.